This is not about Gerard Way’s work in Umbrella Academy or Courtney Taylor-Taylor’s underrated One Model Nation.  We’ll get to the people who actually write or draw comics when they’re not making music next week.  This top 5 is dedicated to the music inspired comic books that have no reason to exist beyond trivia questions or proving that there was a point in time when a given artist was popular enough to share shelf space with Batman and Spiderman.

Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray uses his time traveling tour bus to learn the true meaning of friendship.  There’s also a bad guy with a sword.




Remember not the pokemon Onyx?.  Neither did I, here’s a video reminder and yes they had a comic book called “Fight”.  Here’s the plot description from Amazon, “WAT DO YO DO WHEN YOU ARE RAPPERS IN POST-ATOMIC HOLOCAUST NEW YORK? FIGHT!”.  That’s not a typo, in the world of Onyx: Fight silent hs disappeared along with the rest of society.


Eminem Versus The Punisher

Eminem beating The Punisher is one thing.  Eminem quoting his own songs so many times you wonder if he knows any other phrases got really annoying really fast.



Kiss have actually been in a bunch of comics.  Their first Marvel issue is famous for mixing a cocktail of the band’s blood into the ink.


Lita Ford

There were lots of musicians who had quick biography comics printed in the early 90s.  Lita Ford wasn’t one of them.  Her comic book re-imagines the “Kiss Me Deadly” singer as a dimension hopping warrior that beats her enemies with her guitar.  Not as awesome as it sounds.


Bonus: Pat Boone makes Superman jealous