Always a highlight of our year, the 2016 CJFE Gala was as spectacular as always. With strong emphasis on the core values found in all journalism, the event & silent auction was a huge success for everyone involved.

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// 2015 //

Once again returning to the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto, we were honoured to be working with the fine folks at CJFE covering their annual end-of-year gala event. Tasked with creating a different sense of the event than our 2014 coverage, the 2015 event once again turned out to be the largest gala CJFE had held to date.

2015 CJFE 92015 CJFE 22015 CJFE 11Several award-winners and honorees were technically not journalists this year, but advocates from other professions fighting for transparency while investigating high levels of government in today’s age.

2015 CJFE 132015 CJFE 102015 CJFE 5

The photo exhibit was themed around Syrian Refugees, and included roughly half of the submissions by a 21-year-old Syrian refugee (now living in Regina). Hany Al Moulia’s work was breathtaking to behold, and considering his full range of vision subsists to roughly 10cm in front of him, these photos hold quite a special meaning regarding the human spirit.

2015 CJFE 32015 CJFE 122015 CJFE 4

Once again, to be in the company of the country’s leading media voices and leaders, this project occurred to us as a professional privilege, with everyone all in one place for the same passionate cause.

2015 CJFE 62015 CJFE 8

2015 CJFE 1

// 2014 //

In December of 2014, we were thrilled to create the event video for the Canadian Journalists For Free Expression gala. The Annual CJFE Gala: A Night to Honour Courageous Reporting, honours journalists from around the globe for their courage reporting stories in hostile environments, and we’ve were fortunate enough to interview key Canadian media luminaries like about what the event – and the cause it celebrates –  means to them.

2014 CJFE 32014 CJFE 42014 CJFE 8 2014 CJFE 72014 CJFE 9

2014 CJFE 52014 CJFE 1

The photo exhibit, which is a mainstay at these annual celebrations, was stunning and raised quite a large sum in silent auction.

2014 CJFE 62014 CJFE 2