Following up with our good friends at Electricity Events, we were invited back to shoot the opening night of the 2014 summer season of #FNLROM. Complete with multi-level entertainment, a strong list of sponsors and close to 2500 beautiful patrons, the night was a wonderful success. The icing on the cake was getting clearance to use Maestro Fresh Wes’ classic hit ‘Let Your Backbone Slide’ as the event video’s backing track.


Multiple rooms, multiple entertainments, multiple food vendors, and hundreds of well-dressed partiers – all stuffed into one of Canada’s most storied buildings? It could be the recipe for a tough shoot, but the Friday Night Live concept is so self evidently brilliant that capturing its initial magic in 2012 was a breeze – wherever we pointed the camera, something wonderful was happening. Getting to spend multiple nights in the middle of something so special was truly one of the greatest pleasures we’ve had on the job.