Certainly one of our largest-scaled productions at a whopping 14 cameras, the night of September 13th in 2013 was one we certainly won’t forget. Imagined between Last Frame and Hollerado directly, the end product is a culmination of several months worth of post-production and a sharp race to the finish line, as the band saw an opportunity to launch sales at an upcoming hometown show.

DVD Trapsheet (Standard).qxd:DVD Trapsheet.qxd

We made new friends over at IndiePool as we popped out the first short-run batch of deliverables. The band was delighted with the end result, and opted to leave everything exactly the way it was at the show: the banter, the mistakes, the improvised moments, all of it.

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Hollerado: Live at The Danforth can be purchased directly from the Royal Mountain Records shop.