Coming out of our working relationship through Electricity Events and the #FNLROM promotional video, Creative Director Jordan Heidendahl approached me with a concept for one of his clients: a choose-your-own-adventure style video campaign for VISA’s Fraud Prevention Month. Working hand-in-hand with his client, FleishmanHillard, to achieve the exact objectives set out, the campaign kicked off with a healthy start in the last days of February.

Nine videos in total to make, we ran with the ball and called in some favours. JT Stevenson of Electricity Events was the perfect face we needed as the ‘Best Friend’ and a great colleague of mine, Andy Walker, agreed to be our ‘Fraudster’. We spent our first day on site at St Clair St’s Cocolatte where the wonderful staff there let us take over their front space throughout a busy Saturday. With a fair bit of shooting at Courtney’s old apartment, a “dummy” VISA card, and a fast cab ride to Queen Street West, we wrapped up at the Rivoli at Magneta Lane’s EP release party for Witchrock.

All in all with our I’s dotted and our T’s crossed, we hit deadline with time to spare as many news outlets took notice of the launch.

Above, you can try to steer your way through all four decisions to a successful concert adventure.

Below, I’ve also added some of Courtney’s on set shots.